How To Create Website Copy That Converts

Your website should have one goal - to convert. Whether that’s persuading your audience to purchase your product, or just getting them to leave their email address, if it doesn’t convert it’s not doing its job. 


Copy is a key element in creating a high conversion rate, but crafting copy that is creative, sells your brand and still converts is no easy task. To help you out, here are some easy tips to help you create website copy that converts.


1 - Know Your Target    

Just like fishermen attract specific fish with different bait, copywriters attract different target audiences with clear and targeted messages. Understanding exactly who your ideal audience is enables you to craft copy that will speak directly to them. Highlighting benefits that are directly related to their unique pain points, will create compelling copy that converts. 

2 - Get Exclusive 

People love feeling important, and the psychology of exclusivity plays directly into that. Create a buzz around your product/service/brand, that will make your audience feel special. Tell them they’ve been ‘hand-selected’, or that becoming a member has ‘privileges’. 

3 - Make it Emotional 

Describing features will only get you so far, in order to push someone to convert you need to play on their emotions and make a connection. More often than not purchases aren’t driven by logic, they hinge on emotion. 

4 - Create Urgency 

If your copy leaves readers with the impression that your offer will always be there, it’s likely that they will sit on the decision, consider their options, and weigh the pros and cons - rather than make a purchase! Creating urgency by setting deadlines, and using time-sensitive language will push your audience to act. 

5 - Tailor your CTA

Your CTA, or a call-to-action, is one of the most compelling elements your copy can possess, and needs to be well executed. Don’t settle for the standard “Click now” copy every time. Instead, make your CTAs simple, creative and relatable to your audience. 



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