5 Easy Ways To Write Engaging Website Copy

When it comes to website copy, every single line should be written with the aim of either educating your audience or converting them. 

Here are 5 easy tips to help you focus in on your writing, and create more engaging and compelling website copy. The best part, these tips and techniques can be used for any industry, niche and any type of website. 

1 - Benefits over Features 

Here’s the cold hard truth - people don’t care about you or your business, they only care about how you can solve their pain points. One of the most common website mistakes is taking up a lot of time talking about how great the business is, rather focusing on how these great and unique aspects benefit your audience. Showing exactly how you can add value to your customers lives has a direct influence on your conversion rate. 

2 - Write in Your Customers Voice 

Tone is a crucial aspect of creating a strong brand voice and narrative. In order for it to be truly effective, you can take tone one step further and write in the voice of your customers. Put simply, voice of the customer is just using the language they use daily, to explain products or services. It works by creating easy to understand copy, that draws your target audience in. 

3 - A/B Split Test Copy

Just as you would A/B test crucial elements of marketing campaigns and sales funnels, there’s nothing stopping you from split testing copy for your high value webpages. This doesn’t mean you need to change and test every single word, instead focus on headings and your CTA’s to see which have the highest converting power. 

4 - Include User Intent 

User intent refers to what your audience intends to do when they reach your site, this can range from purchasing a product, to signing up to your mailing list, or to simply learning more about a specific topic. By focusing on intent when you write, you can be sure to tailor your copy not only to your audience, but also to their desired actions and motives. 

5 - Increase Your Authority 

The easiest way to add value to your audience is to create a feeling of authority within your writing. You want your audience to think of you as an industry leader, and a safe place to come to either learn more about your niche or purchase high quality products and services. This means you need to ensure your copy is fact checked and accurate, before it goes live on your site.



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