4 Winning Ways To Use Instagram For Your Business

No matter what your business, industry or niche, your digital marketing strategy should include Instagram. With over one billion monthly users, Instagram is the social media platform of choice when it comes to engaging your audience and capturing new leads. 

However, as with any platform the market place is crowded and competition between brands and businesses is fierce. In order to stand out you need to take a consistent and creative approach to your content. 

Here are 4 simple ways to use Instagram effectively for your business. 

1 - Add Value, Creatively 

First and foremost your Instagram should highlight the best of what you do, and the value your products and/or services provide. In this regard, visual content can either become your greatest strength or your downfall. You need to strike a fine line between creative and informative. There’s no point in having a beautiful grid if it doesn’t explain what you do, likewise, informative content that isn’t eye catching won’t grab the attention of your audience either. 

Consider the most important aspects of your brand to showcase on Instagram, and then think about how you can display them creatively. Don’t just focus on your main posts either, utilise stories and IGTV to their full advantage. 

2 - Think About Your Profile

You’re never going to be able to fit everything you offer in your bio, so don’t try. Take those 150 characters and focus on your most important USP, and your main promotion (event, product launch, lifetime deal, etc). Another common missed opportunity is the one clickable link. Many people only use it to send people to their website, whereas a linktree can have multiple options from events, blogs, products/services, contact details, and your homepage.

3 - Take Them Behind The Scenes 

Humans are naturally curious. We want to know where our products come from, and the people that make it happen. Reserve some of your content for behind the scenes access. Whether it’s a factory tour, a sneak peak at a new event, or even interviews with the team - this background angle humanises your business and creates a feeling of trust between you and your audience. 

4 - Use your #hashtags wisely 

Hashtags are invaluable when it comes to expanding your reach, but you need to have put some thought and research behind them. There’s little benefit to flooding your captions with popular hashtags that don’t actually relate to your business or the image. Think of them as the SEO keywords of your profile, they should be terms that your target audience will search organically. 

Another hashtag tip is to create your own specific # for your brand. Not only can you search for this hashtag and communicate with your current customers, encouraging your audience to use it acts as free social proof and helps you increase your outreach at no additional effort or cost to you.



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